The Berkshire Glass Works (Paperback)

The Berkshire Glass Works By Julie L. Sloan, William J. Patriquin Cover Image


The purity of the sand found in northern Berkshire County provided resources for over fifty years of glassmaking for regular windows and stained-glass windows in the rural landscape of western Massachusetts. From the first cylinders blown in November 1853, demand for the Berkshire Glass Company's work grew exponentially until it was producing three thousand feet of glass by 1855. As the Civil War raged, the company suffered along with the country but came out of the strife stronger than ever. Join authors William J. Patriquin and Julie L. Sloan as they reveal the inner workings of the Berkshire Glass Company and the intricate stained glass born of Berkshire glass.
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ISBN: 9781609492823
ISBN-10: 160949282X
Publisher: History Press
Publication Date: June 6th, 2011
Pages: 184
Language: English