Idea Engineering: Creative Thinking and Innovation (Paperback)

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Engineers and technologists often operate from a worldview of "ones and zeros." The mission of this book is to interject the colorful world of creative thinking to help engineers and technologists learn to think and work differently. Thus, "idea engineering" becomes the driving force, transforming engineers and technologists into innovators and entrepreneurs, using case studies and anecdotes from first-hand experience. The material in this book is organized to take the reader through basic concepts and techniques of creative thinking and innovation, to better solve engineering and technological challenges. It provides an overall understanding of who, what, why, when, and how "idea engineering" can transform an individual and a company to formulate and apply the best possibilities. The target audience is university-level students and practitioners, especially upper division undergraduates and graduate students in engineering education, industrial engineering, engineering technology, science, and technology; and then engineering practitioners from an engineering, technology, or science background. It can be purchased individually as a text, professional trade or reference title, or accessed within a collection libraries and professional organizations would buy. In addition, the material in this book can supplement coursework in business, communication, management, and applied creative arts. As a core or supplemental text, it would make a great foundation for a one-credit course-or a part of any three-credit capstone design course or seminar-stressing creative thinking and innovation. It would also be a good overview for any layman interested in learning about creative thinking and innovation.

About the Author

La Verne Abe Harris received her PhD from the University of Arizona, and her Master of Technology (MT) from Arizona State University. Dr. Harris has been privileged to participate in scholarly activities and teach at Purdue University as a tenured Associate Professor of Computer Graphics Technology. She also previously taught at Arizona State University as an Assistant Professor of Graphic Information Technology. Dr. Harris is the founder of the IDEA Laboratory, a creative thinking, interactive media, and animation research and development laboratory. Prior to her role as a university professor, she was an industry leader in the roles of art director, creative director, production manager, and business owner. One of the author's most enjoyable roles was introducing a cutting-edge interactive digital technology product in a joint venture with Toronto newspapers in collaboration with Canada, Japan, and states such as Arizona, California, Nevada, Florida, and Hawaii.
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ISBN: 9781606504727
ISBN-10: 160650472X
Publisher: Momentum Press
Publication Date: January 3rd, 2014
Pages: 140
Language: English