Snake in the Grass: An Everglades Invasion (Paperback)

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A plague is spreading throughout the Florida Everglades. The nonnative Burmese python--one of the largest snakes on the planet--is now known to be reproducing freely in the shallow waters of the famed River of Grass. Over the past decade, thousands of pythons have made themselves at home across the landscape. And though scientists work feverishly to learn as much as possible about this unprecedented invader, methods of control remain elusive.

Many questions remain in the wake of this troubling discovery. How far north might Burmese pythons venture from the Everglades wilderness? What might their presence mean for the countless birds and mammals--some of them endangered--with which south Florida has become synonymous? And does history seem poised to repeat itself as new, large reptiles are discovered to be thriving in the area's favorable climate? An Everglades naturalist describes how the story unfolding in the Florida Everglades provides new opportunities to revisit our understanding of wilderness and man's place within it.

About the Author

Larry Perez is a lifelong resident of Miami who has spent over fifteen years working in south Florida's natural areas. During his career, he has worked as a naturalist for Miami-Dade Parks and Recreation, and as a ranger for Biscayne and Everglades National Parks. Larry is a graduate of Florida International University where he completed programs in park and recreation management and environmental studies. He is also the author of "Words on the Wilderness: A History of Place Names in South Florida's National Parks" (ECity Publishing, 2007) and maintains a healthy fascination with lizards and snakes.

Praise For…

"Snake in the Grass is a gripping and factual account of the most dramatic invasion yet in the continental US; it’s hard to put down. But it’s more than that. Perez depicts the surprising number of invaders in south Florida, the ecosystem-level

impacts, and the array of economic forces, politics, and weak regulations that indicate the worst is yet to come."

-Daniel Simberloff, Nancy Gore Hunger Professor, University of Tennessee

Editor-in-Chief, Biological Invasions

Senior Editor, Encyclopedia of Biological Invasions

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ISBN: 9781561645138
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Publisher: Pineapple Press
Publication Date: March 1st, 2012
Pages: 200
Language: English