The Boys' Guide to Growing Up: the best-selling puberty guide for boys (Paperback)

The Boys' Guide to Growing Up: the best-selling puberty guide for boys By Phil Wilkinson, Sarah Horne (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Phil Wilkinson, Sarah Horne (Illustrator)
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"My son said nothing scared him after reading this book and he felt much more comfortable about it all." - online customer review

"Do you ever wonder how to start the conversation about the birds and the bees with your child? Well, this book helps you in so many ways! Highly recommend if you're planning on having that talk soon." - online customer review

"Great book, factual, easy to understand and supports parental talks!" - online customer review

"It's a perfect no-nonsense book! Brilliant!" - online customer review

"It has all the answers for inquisitive minds." - online customer review

"My son is autistic and finds change very hard. This book has helped him to understand the changes that will happen in himself that he can't control. Bright pictures with accurate details for the body parts. Great book!" - online customer review

A sensitively written, friendly guide to growing up, specifically aimed at younger boys.

A friendly, reassuring and positive guide for boys as they approach puberty, explaining the changes that will happen to their bodies as they grow up and how these changes might make them feel. Covering everything from body hair and vocal changes to mood swings and self-esteem, puberty and parenting expert Phil Wilkinson addresses any worries that boys might have relating to what is 'normal'. He reassures readers and boosts their confidence, encouraging them to feel positive about the changes they will experience as they go through puberty.

The Boys' Guide to Growing Up also includes advice on topics such exercise, shaving, talking about feelings and how puberty affects girls, and has an age-appropriate section on sex and reproduction.

Contents include:

- What is puberty?
- Your puberty timeline
- How do hormones work?
- The height and weight race
- A deeper voice
- Spotty skin
- Hair, hair, everywhere
­- The art of shaving
- Sweat, smells and personal hygiene
- Changes down below
- New feelings
- Sex explained
- Making babies
- Keeping your confidence up
- Mood swings
- Managing your feelings
- Healthy eating
- The power of exercise
- Privacy and your body
- Puberty for girls
- Girls have worries, too

About the Author

Phil Wilkinson (Author)
Phil Wilkinson is a freelance writer and the author of 50 books, as well as being a dad of two. He is a contributor to a number of parenting sites, including the Huffington Post, writing about education, bullying, sex education and teenagers.

Sarah Horne (Illustrator)
Sarah grew up in Derbyshire, mainly under a snow drift. She spent much of her childhood scampering in the nearby fields with a few goats. Then she decided to be sensible and studied Illustration at Falmouth College of Arts, graduating in 2001. She has illustrated for many different projects including an ad campaign for Kew Gardens entitled 'Plantastic Play'. She has also undertaken commission from The Guardian and The Independent newspapers. Sarah now specialises in funny, inky illustration and words for children's fiction and picture books. Sarah likes to paint on very big canvas. She loves funny detail, colour, music, dreams and big open spaces. Sarah now works from a studio on a hill in Forest Hill, London.

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ISBN: 9781526360175
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Publisher: Wren & Rook
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2018
Pages: 48
Language: English
Series: Guide to Growing Up