Rome's Female Saints: A Poetic Pilgrimage to the Eternal City (Paperback)

Rome's Female Saints: A Poetic Pilgrimage to the Eternal City By Nicol Nixon Augusté Cover Image
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When it comes to saints, there is no place like Rome. The topic of saints has always been and continues to be of universal interest. The importance of Romes Female Saints: A Poetic Pilgrimage to the Eternal City rests in continuing to tell the stories of those women who have been largely ignored by or lost to history so that readers interested in sainthood, martyrdom, history, biography, poetry, and travel can share in an experience that can continue into the next generation.

Romes Female Saints is a guided tour of female saints in Rome, Italy. This book provides an engaging experience to be had in Rome or from home. This reading tour not only helps people remember those women in the past who have been martyred or have selflessly served others for their faith in Christ, but this book also encourages readers to be aware of and create solidarity with those who continue to either endure torture and martyrdom or serve the Body in the name of Jesus Christ. Saints covered in this book range from women living during the Apostolic Age such as Saints Anastasia and Basilissa of Rome to more recent saints like Saint Teresa of Calcutta.

This work encourages readers to celebrate the women of God through biography, site information, and poetry. Each saint is catalogued with an entry including several gems: her feast day, a brief biography of the saints life, the site associated with the saint, the word(s) the Holy Spirit gave the author during prayer at the site, and original poetry praising the saint that includes the God-given word(s). Romes Female Saints is intended for readers who desire a lasting, engaging experience, one that connects them to these unique women of God, as well as their lives, their stories, their relics, and their commitments to Christ.

About the Author

Circus Maximus. Rome, Italy. Photo by Andr August. Nicol Nixon August, PhD, is a Professor of Liberal Arts. Her research interests include Women & Theology, Rhetoric & Composition, and Native American studies. Nicol is a SCAD American Academy in Rome Affiliated Fellowship recipient. Her work has appeared in journals such as Sandhill Review and Catholic Medical Quarterly UK, and The Tau. Romes Female Saints: A Poetic Pilgrimage to the Eternal City stems from her passion for telling the stories of underrepresented women. This book connects past, present, and future. Early followers of the Way, now known as Christians, have been and continue to be persecuted and martyred because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Please pray and stand in solidarity with me and with those who continue to be persecuted and martyred for their faith. And please pray their executioners will come to know God. For more information and photos, visit me on Facebook at https: // or email me at
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