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Empires rise and fall; they do not last.

In the eyes of many, the US exerts the strongest destabilizing influence on world events, and thus presents the greatest threat to world peace. World power #1 hasn’t acquired this top position by chance. Since 1945, no other nation has bombed as many other countries or toppled as many governments as the US. It maintains the most military bases, exports the most weapons, and has the highest defense budget in the world. USA: The Ruthless Empire explains the background factors, motives, and resources of this world power.


About the Author

Daniele Ganser, born in Lugano in 1972, is a historian who specializes in contemporary history since 1945 and international politics. His main research focuses on peace studies, geostrategy, covert warfare, resource conflicts, and economic policy. He is the founder and director of the Swiss Institute for Peace and Energy Research in Basel, and is the author of Illegal Wars: From Cuba to Syria—How NATO Countries Sabotaged the UN.


Praise For…

“Daniele Ganser has long been one of the few Western academics courageous enough to chronicle the deep politics of US imperialism. With great alacrity and erudition, USA: The Ruthless Empire presents a riveting critique of world history's most powerful and dangerous empire—a must-read for anyone concerned about world peace and the continued existence of human civilization.”
—Aaron Good, PhD, author of American Exception: Empire and the Deep State
“This book comes at a critical time when we as Americans are being groomed to fear the Russian ‘empire’ and the Chinese ‘empire,’ and to prepare for war with either or both of these countries. However, after reading this crucial history, you will see that this has all been a matter of psychological projection—that the real empire, and a quite vicious one at that, is the United States. As Ganser so eloquently explains, our own nation is the one that needs to be tamed before it is too late, and we are the only ones who can do it.”
—Dan Kovalik, labor and human rights lawyer, and author of No More War: How the West Violates International Law by Using 'Humanitarian' Intervention to Advance Economic and Strategic Interests

“In his new book USA: The Ruthless Empire, Daniele Ganser examines the West's self-portrayal as the ‘Free West,’ an enlightened and well-meaning defender of freedom, human rights and democracy around the world. Ganser provides solid facts to critically question the worldview that the leading media imposes on us daily.”
Hannes Sies, scharf links
“When it comes to exposing imperial politics, Swiss historian Dr. Daniele Ganser is one of the masters of his profession. Anyone who has read his latest book, USA: The Ruthless Empire, must live with the realization that we are not the good guys and that our press is anything but statist.”
Ken Jebsen, KenFM
“When reading USA: The Ruthless Empire, one is literally struck by facts that seem unbelievable. Yet, or perhaps because of that, it reads like a thriller.”
Martin Baraki, International
“Books like this one are more important than ever. . . . Without the realization of what has actually happened, and of what continues to happen, without seeing through the phrases of lies and constant media manipulation, no meaningful contribution can be made toward a more peaceful world, which is precisely what lies at the heart of peace researcher Daniele Ganser.”
Gerald Brei, Der Europäer
“With this book, Daniele Ganser has succeeded in conveying historical background knowledge in a compact form, making it easy to read, especially for young people. This is absolutely necessary in view of increasing skepticism toward US policy with uninterrupted transatlantic propaganda in the media.”
Karl-Heinz Peil, FriedensJournal
“In his interesting book, Ganser describes in detail the role of the US war machine in enforcing the empire's claims to power.”
—Tilo Gräser, Sputnik
“Dr. Phil. Daniele Ganser, Swiss historian and peace activist, is one of the outstanding contemporary thinkers who fight against "general memory loss" by profoundly reappraising historical events and making their findings available to the people in a clear and understandable language.”
—Afsane Bahar, Neue Rheinische Zeitung
“The great thing about Daniele Ganser's books is that they provide solid facts that can be verified at any time, encouraging the reader to draw their own conclusions ... In his journey through U.S. history, marked by numerous crimes against humanity, genocides, wars of aggression, and other abysses, the author always appeals to the principle of the human family that unites us all.”
Richard-Heinrich Tarenz, Wild Magazin
“Daniele Ganser's USA: The Ruthless Empire is interesting and worth reading - because the author does not practice one-dimensional criticism of the USA. He consistently appeals to principles and ideals: UN ban on the use of force, mindfulness and what he calls the human family.”
Erich Gysling, Infosperber
“Every war begins with a lie, as Ganser’s many examples comprehensively demonstrate. But he also emphasizes that there have always been people guided by ethical values and that in the current peace movement, it is important to maintain these values ... In my opinion, this book belongs in every school, university and city library.”
Christiane Borowy on KenFM
“A book absolutely worth reading. It opens eyes, creates consternation and shows the only viable way: The path to the future must be a peaceful one!”
Angelika Gutsche in Freitag
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