Artifacts of a '90s Kid: Humorous Musings and Observations for Every Millennial (Hardcover)

Artifacts of a '90s Kid: Humorous Musings and Observations for Every Millennial By Alana Hitchell Cover Image


She reminds you what it was like to grow up during an era that consisted of playing countless hours of Nintendo, reading Lurlene McDaniel books, and wearing Esprit T-shirts and Yoyo jeans. With no real responsibilities to worry about, a typical day involved playing board games, eating junk food, and obsessing over the latest Lisa Frank stickers.

Artifacts of a ’90s Kid is a candid, coming-of-age, humorous account of Alana’s experiences as a millennial growing up in Central Illinois. It focuses on her elementary and junior high school years (1992–1999) and includes present-day commentary. Alana offers up a hilarious compilation of diary entries, homework fails, notes, artwork, poetry, and awkward photos from her childhood—all that and a bag of chips!

Although the handwriting and spelling can be atrocious at times, millennials will relate to Alana’s diary entries describing a very innocent, honest, and naive time when life was simple and carefree. Featuring many milestones of growing up—from making friends, to crushes, to being overly dramatic—along with some totally dope nineties references that every millennial is sure to enjoy.

About the Author

Alana Hitchell is the creator behind the blog My 20-Year Diary. When she isn’t reading books or writing in her diary, she enjoys watching Dateline murder mysteries. Alana still has an extremely unhealthy diet and currently resides in Central Illinois with her boyfriend and beloved dachshund.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781510716629
ISBN-10: 1510716629
Publisher: Skyhorse
Publication Date: November 7th, 2017
Pages: 216
Language: English