Foul Trouble (Compact Disc)

Foul Trouble By John Feinstein, John Feinstein (Read by) Cover Image


Bestselling sports writer John Feinstein exposes the big money and backroom deals that pervade college basketball recruiting in this fast-break novel.

Terrell Jamerson is the number one high school basketball player in the country. His team is poised to win the states. He's got top colleges lined up to offer him scholarships, and press coverage at every game. Everyone says he could play in the NBA tomorrow. He's living the dream, right?

Danny Wilcox would tell you a different story. Danny is Terrell's best friend and teammate, and a top prospect himself. But he sees that not all of the people buzzing around Terrell have his best interests at heart. The sneaker guys, the money managers, the college boosters--they all say they just want to help. But their kind of help comes with strings attached, and could get Terrell investigated by the NCAA....

These friends will have to learn to play hardball--both on and off the court--if they want to win the recruiting game.

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ISBN: 9781491548943
ISBN-10: 1491548940
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Publication Date: August 5th, 2014
Language: English