The Home Stay Guide: Practical advice for Airbnb and homeshare hosts (Paperback)

The Home Stay Guide: Practical advice for Airbnb and homeshare hosts By Gabriela Domicelj, Derek Young Cover Image


Chip Conley, Strategic Adviser for Hospitality and Leadership, Airbnb

Learn how to build a profitable, professional and sustainable homeshare business.

Home Stay, also known as Homeshare, is a global phenomenon whereby ordinary people share their homes with strangers. On Airbnb alone there are now three million hosts around the world, one million more than a year ago. This book offers frank, practical and hands-on advice for those who are considering or already offering their home, or investment property, as short-term accommodation. Written by self-taught hosts who are dedicated to providing the best possible guest experience, this book provides real-life insights into the day-today experience of running a homeshare, and the lessons the authors have learned along the way.

You'll find easy-to-follow instructions and advice on:

- Getting started - how to market your property by defining its unique characteristics, choosing the most -appropriate online sales platform, setting rates, how to manage sales and presenting your property to attract guests

- Managing the guest experience - how to ensure your guests have a wonderful experience from the moment of arrival to departure, managing transitions between guests effectively and consistently, and how to manage guest reviews

- The business of homeshare - financial management, reporting and how to drive your business further.

About the Author

Gabriela Domicelj (Author)
Gabriela Domicelj and Derek Young became homeshare hosts accidentally. After living in their 9-acre property in the Blue Mountains, Australia, for two years, they moved to Singapore for work. They were reluctant to sell the property, so they asked friends to manage short-term rentals with the view to covering the property's costs. After a couple of years, they saw an opportunity to formalise the business and to drive both excellence and profit. Today, they are passionate supporters of the sharing economy, the growing Airbnb industry and delivering the 'perfect' guest experience.

Derek Young (Author)
Derek Young has worked in wealth management for 30 years, providing fee-based financial advice to private clients in Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. Gabriela has25 years' experience in management consulting and 5 years' experience in film production, focusing on documentaries which tell the stories of private individuals and companies.

Praise For…

These superhosts understand homesharing better than anyone else. I strongly recommend this book for homeshare host . . . It's perfect for both beginners and advanced hosts. Written by two business experts with eight years of homesharing experience, Airbnb superhosts Gabriela and Derek offer coaching to other hosts—Chip Conley, Strategic Adviser for Hospitality and Leadership, Airbnb and bestselling author

Derek's and Gabriela's experience and competitor insights have helped me make decisions on how best to run my homeshare—Jeff Sandon, homeshare host

Inspirational! If there is just one word to describe Gabriela and Derek this is it: inspirational. If you get the chance to work together, you will discover two people that are passionate, committed and extremely professional. Blend this with a truly genuine sense of hospitality and you can't help but be motivated to be a part of their world—Geoff Turner, hotelier and educator, Anhong Consulting

This book has encouraged me to explore home sharing hospitality, a road map to becoming (and remaining) a Super Host. It has driven me to optimize the guest experience as well as our own, while off-setting part of my financial burden in a very expensive city.

The structure of the book chapters is clear, full of illustrative examples from real-life hosts, as well as useful tables and charts, with a bulleted summary of each chapter. That the authors are expert business and financial consultants themselves in their day jobs, helps with the clarity and professionalism of the book.

Great book, highly recommended to the millions of aspiring or seasoned home stay hosts around the world!

Romy S, homeshare host
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