How Our Brain Works: The Construction and Functionality of Your Brain Presented and Explained (Hardcover)

How Our Brain Works: The Construction and Functionality of Your Brain Presented and Explained By Millers Donald Millers, Donald Millers Cover Image
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This short conversation, enabled by you reading these words, causes a good deal of your active memory pattern to reflect mine when these words were written. This amazing level of communication, the ability to allow another to drive a large portion of your declarative memory, is called language. Language may well be the human capability that drove the need for more intelligence, rather than intelligence enabling language.

The conversation contained within the pages of this book is intended to impart what I have learned about the brain to your brain. The machinery of the human brain is described in order to understand what functions it provides. What brains are made of, neurons, what neurons build, neural components, and how those components interconnect to facilitate human intelligence are covered in detail. This information leads to an examination of how our brain works.

Explanations of how you store the patterns of experience, memory, how you build the associations and abstractions that facilitate intelligence, learning, and how your brain controls your behavior are offered.

My assumption is that the amount of neural patterns you have stored relating to neurons, neural components, and neural processes is very limited. The book begins with explanations and proceeds to analysis, all presented in a straightforward, accessible, comprehensive manner.

About the Author

Donald Millers is the CEO and President of a computer software startup in Silicon Valley, California. His career began in the field of digital computer design and he has worked for many high tech companies producing both hardware and software solutions for a variety of industries. His background and expertise bring a new perspective to the analysis of human brain functionality. Don was born and raised in Southern California. He received his Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California and went on to California State University at Long Beach for a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering. He and his wife of forty-three years reside in San Clemente, California and have two daughters and two grandchildren.
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Publication Date: March 12th, 2010
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