Jurassic Smarts: A jam-packed fact book for dinosaur superfans! (Paperback)

Jurassic Smarts: A jam-packed fact book for dinosaur superfans! By Stephanie Warren Drimmer, Jen Agresta Cover Image
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Kids will earn a PhD(inosaur) degree with all the supercool, cutting-edge dino data they crave jam-packed into this tiny,  T-rex-errific tome!

Inside, they’ll discover game-changing fossil finds, surprising dinosaur stats, and a fascinating variety of prehistoric creatures in all shapes and sizes—some totally bizarre! Encounter gentle, long-necked giants; toothy carnivores; and dinosaurs with all sorts of incredible adaptations, like vibrant feathers, massive horns, spikey battle-ax tails, and beyond! Get answers to burning dinosaur questions, like ... How do we know what colors dinosaurs were? And, gulp, could you have outrun a T. rex? Meet paleontologists digging up incredible discoveries in the field today, explore dino-themed travel destinations, find out which prehistoric creatures would win big in an eating competition, and way, WAY more.

This quirky, info-packed book is a feast for the eyes, with stunning illustrations and fossil photos on every page, a colorful design, and bonus fun facts sprinkled throughout. It's the perfect book for experienced dino devotees and newcomers alike.

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About the Author

STEPHANIE WARREN DRIMMER is a prolific writer for National Geographic Kids magazine and has written several books for Nat Geo Kids, including Ultimate Book of the Future; Beneath the Waves; Hey, Baby!; The Book of Heroines; and Mastermind.

JEN AGRESTA is a longtime editor for National Geographic Kids Books, as well as a writer on titles such as Ultimate Bodypedia and Dino Records.
Product Details
ISBN: 9781426373749
ISBN-10: 1426373740
Publisher: National Geographic Kids
Publication Date: September 19th, 2023
Pages: 216
Language: English
Series: Nerdlet