Social Media Marketing: 7 Easy Steps to Master Social Media Advertising, Influencer Marketing & Platform Audience Growth (Marketing Management #4) (Paperback)

Social Media Marketing: 7 Easy Steps to Master Social Media Advertising, Influencer Marketing & Platform Audience Growth (Marketing Management #4) By Santino Spencer Cover Image
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This is book number 4 in the Marketing Management series.


How do you build long-term, lasting relationships with your customers? What are good tools to communicate instantly back and forth with your customers the same way you would do if you were chatting with a friend? How to allow your business to build a community where customers can come and feel like they belong?

Social Media Marketing is the guide you need We will teach you how to establish your social media marketing strategy in 7 easy steps. This guide is designed to provide you with all the tools you need in a concise, easy to understand format that will answer all your burning questions and get you on your way to establishing successful social media marketing.

The digital space is a popular one. Popularity means this space will be crowded with thousands, if not millions of businesses, all vying for the attention of the customers. To stand out in the minds of your customers, you need to use social media platforms to develop a consistent message, voice, look and feel consistently sharing and defining your unique message is extremely relevant and valuable to your target audience. You stand out before your brand look & feel is different, but you also stand out because of the language you use to speak to your audience.

Social Media Marketing provides you some pointers and tips for navigating a social media marketing strategy, it also asks you to think and consider how you currently are strategizing. It helps you to evaluate where you are and what you, as an individual, need to change to push it to the next level.

In a comprehensive step-by-step reference format, each chapter corresponds to a specific element of social media marketing. The clear-cut organization makes it simple to follow along and refer back to areas you still feel confused about as you go. This guide is complete with coherent examples to help you distinguish between each element and log them into your long-term memory.


  • Understanding what social media marketing isWhy your business needs itHow to conduct market research the right way to yield the best results for your businessHow to market on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTubeWhy selecting the right niche market mattersHow to build an unforgettable business presence on social media
  • And much more

To help you on this journey of achieving the goal of becoming a social media marketer, this guide goes through many actionable examples and strategies. As you press yourself to grow, you will find that there are so many experiences you have already had that will help formulate your ability to establish successful social media marketing. Let's get started

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ISBN: 9781088213995
ISBN-10: 1088213995
Publisher: Santino Spencer
Publication Date: June 28th, 2023
Pages: 64
Language: English
Series: Marketing Management