Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Drug Transport, Disposition, and Delivery (Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology) (Hardcover)

Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Drug Transport, Disposition, and Delivery (Methods in Pharmacology and Toxicology) By Gus R. Rosania (Editor), Greg M. Thurber (Editor) Cover Image
By Gus R. Rosania (Editor), Greg M. Thurber (Editor)
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Part I: Small Molecules

1. Measurement of Transcellular Transport Rates and Intracellular Drug Sequestration in the Presence of an Extracellular Concentration Gradient

Kyoung Ah Min and Gus R. Rosania

2. Kinetic Design for Establishing Long Term Stationary Cytosol Concentrations during Drug Transport across P-gp Expressing Confluent Cell Monolayers to Facilitate Measuring Cytosol Concentration, Fitting Drug Molar Partition Coefficients into the Cytosolic Monolayer of the Plasma Membrane and Kinetically Identifying Drug Uptake Transporters

Joe Bentz

3. In Vitro Methodologies to Assess Potential for Transporter-Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions

Jibin Li, Qing Wang, and Ismael J. Hidalgo

4. Determination of Fraction Unbound and Unbound Partition Coefficient to Estimate Intracellular Free Drug Concentration

Sangwoo Ryu, Keith Riccardi, Samantha Jordan, Nathaniel Johnson, and Li Di

5. Quantitative Analysis of Intracellular Drug Concentrations in Hepatocytes

Chitra Saran, James J. Beaudoin, Nathan D. Pfeifer, and Kim L.R. Brouwer

6. Quantification of Intracellular Drug Aggregates and Precipitates

Phillip Rzeczycki and Gus R. Rosania

7. Quantitative Phenotypic Analysis of Drug Sequestering Macrophage Subpopulations

Mikhail D. Murashov

8. Using an Integrated QSAR Model to Check Whether Small-Molecule Xenobiotics Will Accumulate in Biomembranes, with Particular Reference to Fluorescent Imaging Probes

Richard W. Horobin and Juan C. Stockert

9. Diversity-Oriented Fluorescence Library Approach (DOFLA) for Discovery of Cell-Permeable Probes for Applications in Live Cell Imaging

Dongdong Su and Young-Tae Chang

Part II: Macromolecules, Biologics, and Nanoparticles

10. Overcoming Cellular and Systemic Barriers to Design the Next Wave of Peptide Therapeutics

Jerome Hochman, Tomi Sawyer, and Ruchia Duggal

11. Intracellular Targeting of Cyclotides for Therapeutic Applications

Nicole Lawrence and David J. Craik

12. Cellular Trafficking of Monoclonal and Bispecific Antibodies

John J. Rhoden and Christopher M. Wiethoff

13. Quantitative Drug Target Imaging Using Paired-Agent Principles

Kenneth M. Tichauer, Negar Sadeghipour, Yu "Winston" Wang, Summer L. Gibbs, Jonathan T.C. Liu, and Kimberley S. Samkoe

14. Quantitative Determination of Intracellular Bond Cleavage

Joshua A. Walker, Michelle R. Sorkin, and Christopher A. Alabi

15. Development and Application of a Single Cell-Level PK-PD Model for ADCs


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