A Million Heartbreaks...: Basil Jones (Paperback)

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A Million Heartbreaks is the heart wrenching and anger provoking chronicle of Basil Jones's journey through parental neglect by a crack addicted mother and sexual abuse from a family rampid with a sexual abuse history. The abuse wasn't just from within the family, it came from neighbors and babysitters as well.

As a prepubescent girl, she and her brother Daniel were left in the care of a neighbor whose son sexually abused and beat both of them repeatedly while their mother was off to parts unknown. When her mother returned and was told the story, while she sought revenge and promised it would never happen again, her crack addiction ruled her. She would leave the kids alone over and over again for increasingly extended periods of time without the means to secure food and the ability to pay utilities. Soon young Basil, in an effort to survive, learned to forge her mother's name on the welfare checks, and managed to keep food on the table and the bills paid.

Time goes on Basil's struggle to survive has taught her how to lie, steal, and cheat. Finally caught at embezzling, she is forced to re-think her life and finds salvation through God. Follow Basil's story through abuse, tears, and salvation and a thriving new career.

About the Author

Author, Poet, Advocate and Inspirational Speaker. A passionate and courageous soul who has overcome many obstacles leaving her with a strong desire to help others heal. Through her personal journey of working to master forgiveness, she has learned how to love without judgment. She is a self-aware and compassionate survivor who works relentlessly to share her written and spoken words with the world. Equipped with her faith and fueled by the belief that nothing she has gone through shall ever be wasted, Dom LaRay's commitment to helping others heal is evident and felt.

With a passion for both writing and children's advocacy, Dom LaRay is a lyrical maven and a verbal force to be reckoned with. A lifelong love affair with writing led her to the release of Releasing a Caged in Child, a book of poetry that would go on to sell over 10,000 copies. As a follow up to her stunning debut, Xxposed was released as a spoken word compilation in 2007. The critical acclaim garnered by its release landed Dom on the cover of Gospel Music Magazine as Spoken Word Artist of the Month. This would be followed by many more accolades in the form of a nomination for a Spoken Word Billboard Award in 2012 in both the Lyrical Influence and Rising New Artist categories.

Outside of the publishing world, Dom has dedicated her personal life to advocating for survivors of sexual abuse. Having established the non-profit organization RESPECT MY PRIVACEE, Dom hopes to mobilize and educate people around the world on the subject of child molestation and forgiveness.

At the crossroads of her publishing and philanthropic lives, Dom utilizes her skills as a writer and performer with her passion for advocacy to stand up against abuse and provide an artistic outlet for survivors.
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ISBN: 9780997883305
ISBN-10: 0997883308
Publisher: BookBaby
Publication Date: December 7th, 2016
Pages: 182
Language: English
Series: A Million Heartbreaks