Diodes and Transistors: essentials (Paperback)

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The book DIODES AND TRANSISTORS is an analytical synthesis of more sources of information, originally presenting two very important electronic circuit elements. It is about the infrastructure and the functionality of two primary electronic components or devices, the diode and the transistor.

The book explains basic semiconductor physics to introduce the presentation in details of the fundamental structure and the operating of the two elementary devices made from semiconductors, the diode and the transistor, together with their different types.

The rapid growth of the electronics industry over the past 65 years is due in great measure to the development of devices made from semiconductors.

The semiconductor devices have built the world of digital electronics, which revolutionized the industry by producing apparatuses, appliances, gadgets, instruments, tools as digital advertisers, digital cameras, digital clocks, digital watches, games, radios, televisions, CCTVs, audio & video players, industry-control, finance-control, geo-measure, cellular phones, computers & accessories etc.

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ISBN: 9780977509874
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Publisher: Irina Rabeja
Publication Date: August 6th, 2017
Pages: 150
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