Dance of the Zodiac: How the Celestial Cycles Shape Your Physical Appearance (Paperback)

Dance of the Zodiac: How the Celestial Cycles Shape Your Physical Appearance By William Arthur Schreib Cover Image
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This 2022 revision and expansion of "DANCE OF THE ZODIAC contains the decade of insights that the author has discovered, since the publication of this book's 2012 version. With Schreib's updated writings, this new edition creates an enhanced holistic framework-that goes beyond defining "patterns and rhythms" to suggest how and why astrology works.

With his on-target caricatures of each of the Signs (and his collages of hundreds of celebrity facial photos), Schreib reveals how the modes and elements of each of the Signs can be seen in a person's Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Each image speaks a thousand words, to confirm that the celestial arrangements at every person's time of birth, magically affect their physical appearance.

In this book's 10 added pages, Schreib demonstrates how the 10 degree decans and 2.5 Duad degrees in each Sign can alter the expected nature of a person's key components. Other pages clarify the mannerisms in each Sign's body language, while others show how aspects between one's components and the progression of a person's Sun can change a person's physical appearance and expressive nature. All of this becomes part of this author's unique method of using one's physical appearance-to identify and guess the unknown Ascendants of those who do not know their birthtimes.

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ISBN: 9780961462734
ISBN-10: 0961462736
Publisher: Starry-Eyed Productions
Publication Date: July 4th, 2022
Pages: 104
Language: English