They Call It Hypnosis (Hardcover)

They Call It Hypnosis By Robert A. Baker Cover Image


This engrossing, factual book paints a clear picture of what hypnosis is and is not, what it can and cannot accomplish, and how it can be misused and abused. Baker describes its potential for preventing or arresting pain and outlines future directions for the role of suggestion in the clinic and the laboratory. This is the definitive study of hypnosis that illuminates this very unique aspect of creative human behavior.

About the Author

The late Robert A. Baker, Ph.D. was the author of the acclaimed They Call It Hypnosis. He taught psychology at MIT, Standford University, and the University of Kentucky, where he was chairman of the Psychology Department until his retirement. He was also the author of Hidden Memories: Voices and Visions from Within, and Mind Games: Are We Obsessed with Therapy? and was editor of Child Sexual Abuse and False Memory Syndrome.
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ISBN: 9780879755768
ISBN-10: 0879755768
Publisher: Prometheus Books
Publication Date: August 1st, 1990
Pages: 313
Language: English