Beyond Crazy: Journeys Through Mental Illness (Paperback)

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In any given year, one in five Canadians will experience symptoms of mental disorder. So why do we still have such a long way to go towards true understanding and acceptance? Because people are afraid to talk.

Beyond Crazy takes us beyond the barriers of fear and stigma to meet real Canadians from all walks of life who have encountered mental illness. They tell stories of what it is like to journey to the edge of the abyss and back again, of what it is like to suffer deep psychosis or depression, a misdiagnosis, a life-threatening eating disorder, the suicide of a loved one. And they tell stories of hope recovered, of finding the road back to wellness, of families made stronger than ever.

Using the most honest and compelling language – and often a good dose of humour – brave celebrities and unsung heroes tell it like it is. By doing so, they make it easier for those who follow, easier to get past the fear, to move beyond crazy.

About the Author

Julia Nunes has worked in journalism for 14 years, as an arts reporter for the Globe and Mail, a news reporter and writer/editor for CBC Television, and as a radio producer and reporter.
Scott Simmie is a feature writer for the Toronto Star with more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist in radio, print, and television. He co-authored the critically acclaimed book Tiananmen Square, and his research on mental health resulted in the award-winning Toronto Star series “Out of Mind” (October 1998).

Praise For…

“Gripping.…This book deserves to have the effect on the mental health field that Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle had on the meat-packing industry.…The best thing about Beyond Crazy is that, speaking of mental health, it is compulsively readable.…It is rare to find a book that is so informative and moving.”
–Catherine Gildiner, Globe and Mail

Beyond Crazy goes beyond therories and treatments into the world of human experience. These compelling and personal stories propel the reader into the phenomenon of mental disorder, show how it has transformed the lives of ordinary and celebrated Canadians, and teach us not to lose sight of the person who is suffering. It is a terrific book.”
–David S. Goldbloom, MD, FRCPC, Physician-in-Chief, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Beyond Crazy is a unique book that lives up to its title. Through powerful stories of Canadians from all walks of life, it demonstrates how it is possible to get past the stigma and the labels and move forward. This book is an important source of inspiration and hope.”
–Canadian Mental Health Association

“Readers will meet close to 40 courageous mental illness survivors who wanted to tell their stories. That they do so with such complete candour makes the book…a powerful message to the health care establishment, lawmakers, the media, and to ordinaty people. The common thread through these extraordinary accounts is that people with mental illnesses want and need to be heard.…The stories cover the gamut of ages, occupations, and backgrounds. Some impress because of the bravery dispalyed.…Others are wrenchingly sad.”
–Saskatoon StarPhoenix

“If you need proof that mental disorders touch every single corner of the country, you’ll find it in Beyond Crazy.”
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ISBN: 9780771080692
ISBN-10: 0771080697
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Publication Date: February 17th, 2004
Pages: 304
Language: English