Bearded Dragons (Mini Encyclopedia Series) (Paperback)

Bearded Dragons (Mini Encyclopedia Series) By Chris Mattison Cover Image


A mini encyclopedia on Bearded Dragon care and behavior. Full of tips for new, first-time, or experienced Bearded Dragon owners. 

The perfect book for anyone looking for: 

  • all aspects of Bearded Dragon ownership
  • information on food, housing, and all care for Bearded Dragons
  • books about Bearded Dragon stuff!

Covers the many Bearded Dragon varieties and color forms that are available to terrarium hobbyists. all aspects of Bearded Dragon ownership, including cage or terrarium design, controlling heating, lighting, and humidity in a terrarium, keeping lizards in outdoor enclosures, feeding and recommended food supplements, health care, and breeding. Includes illustrated profiles of more than 20 different species

Product Details
ISBN: 9780764145803
ISBN-10: 0764145800
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication Date: June 1st, 2011
Pages: 208
Language: English
Series: Mini Encyclopedia Series