Industrialution: "the Experience Principles" (Hardcover)

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Industrialution, the Experience Principles is a 'how to book' for plant level management teams on what it takes to sustain a long lasting manufacturing operation in today's environment of global competition.

Author Dennis Lex has over 35 years of hands-on manufacturing experience in metal stamping, injection molding, electronic processing, steel making, casting, welding and industrial engineering. What is unique about this book versus other books on manufacturing is the author addresses all the popular subjects on manufacturing necessary to run a successful operation and how all the theories are interrelated. The author presents his concepts based on real manufacturing experience. His key conclusions are:

  • Plant level management has the ability control a plants future existence
  • Time is the major resource problem
  • The experience principles do not change with technology, mergers, acquisitions, etc.
Product Details
ISBN: 9780595662739
ISBN-10: 0595662730
Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: March 9th, 2004
Pages: 228
Language: English