Thomas Fairchild: Puritan Merchant & Magistrate (Paperback)

Thomas Fairchild: Puritan Merchant & Magistrate By W. Bruce Fairchild Cover Image
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This is the true story of Thomas Fairchild, a brave young Englishman caught up in the bitter religious conflict that caused the Great Migration to the New World in the 1630s. Four centuries ago, Thomas was a founder of Stratford in the fearful wilderness of the tiny new colony of Connecticut. He became a merchant, church elder, pioneer legislator, and judicial magistrate in troubling times. He sired ten children by two remarkable wives, ultimately becoming the forefather of a vast number of Americans living today. Early colonists coped with many dangers, but Thomas Fairchild also faced personal tragedy-the untimely death of his first wife and the challenge of caring for their youngsters. Undaunted, he returned to England, where in 1662 he courted and wed Katherine Cragg, promising this spinster most of his estate. Settled in America, Katherine devotedly sought the medical advice of John Winthrop, Connecticut's colonial governor, for the ailments of her neighbors as well as her growing family. Meanwhile, Thomas was a key leader in resolving a controversy that nearly split the Puritan faithful. More than a century before the American Revolution, intrepid New England settlers wisely laid the unique foundation of what would become the mightiest and most respected nation on the globe. This is the fascinating story of one bold-spirited founder.
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ISBN: 9780595408702
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Publisher: iUniverse
Publication Date: December 6th, 2006
Pages: 632
Language: English