The Big Activity Book for Teacher People (Paperback)

The Big Activity Book for Teacher People By Jordan Reid, Jacqueline Ann May (Illustrator) Cover Image
By Jordan Reid, Jacqueline Ann May (Illustrator)
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A hilarious, relatable way to honor the everyday heroes we all know and love, with illustrated laugh-out-loud activities and journaling prompts.

Teachers: They’re basically superheroes. They’re educators, sure—but they’re also counselors, custodians, referees, detectives, party planners, epidemiologists, and traffic controllers (among the many, many other jobs that they don’t get paid for, but should).

Part journal, part coloring book, part therapeutic outlet for those days when they actually cannot confiscate one more fidget spinner without screaming, The Big Activity Book for Teacher People is a hilarious celebration of those resourceful, creative, compassionate, exhausted humans who we entrust with the care and schooling of our children.

Activities include:
  • a word scramble of useless stuff you have to teach anyway
  • draw the administrator in their natural habitat
  • color in the break room of horrors
  • things you do not want to receive from a parent, like, ever

  • There is no teacher on the planet who needs another mug (seriously, just no).

    About the Author

    Jordan Reid is the founding editor of the lifestyle blog Ramshackle Glam and the coauthor of the bestselling Big Activity Book series. Her hobbies include creating unnecessary complications, insomnia, and maintaining an impressive collection of fake plants. She lives in California with her two children, various pets, and a Roomba named Thanos.

    Jacqueline Ann May is the coauthor and illustrator of There’s No Manual: Honest and Gory Wisdom About Having a Baby, and the illustrator of that viral pro–Elizabeth Warren T-shirt with the cuss word on it. Her hobbies include serenading strangers with Adele karaoke performances at stoplights, buying jumpsuits, being an Irish sea witch, and letting produce rot in her fridge because she’s in the mood for a burrito. She lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her two children in a house by the highway, beneath the giant nest of an actual bald eagle.

    Praise For…

    "Finally, a little recognition outside of a mug, succulent, or scented candle (this book even comes with a medal). No agenda, no 'additional responsibilities,' just a good old fashioned activity book that sees teachers for the all-caffeinated, disinfectant-wielding, booger-wearing Swiss Army knives of life-preparers for the future generation that they are. Save your cuticles—or those of someone you love—and buy this book."—Meena Khalili, Assistant Professor of Design, University of South Carolina

    "I spent half the book laughing and half the book shooting my fist into the air celebrating how well Jordan and Jacqueline captured the vibe of teachers. It would be literally impossible for me to choose a favorite page. Actually, why am I lying? It's the multiple Betsy DeVos takedowns that really got me."—Hayley Spira-Bauer, career educator, executive at

    "It's official! Schools should scrap professional development workshops this year and just hand out copies of The Big Activity Book for Teacher People instead. Let teachers laugh and cry and color! We're so tired! Please just let us color!"—Abby Freireich and Brian Platzer, classroom teachers and the authors of Taking the Stress out of Homework

    "This time it’s for our unsung heroes: teachers. I’m not a teacher but I was raised by one, and this book is an absolute must-have/perfect gift for any teacher—current, retired or otherwise. Thank you for teaching a solid amount of us (though shockingly not all of us) the difference between there, their and they’re. This book will make you laugh, cry, and commiserate."—Jamie Stone, host, A Little Too Much podcast

    "As someone that has worked on both sides as an administrator and in the classroom, this book is perfect. In a profession that we all take seriously, this book helps to remind me that there are plenty of reasons to laugh and joke about what we do. It definitely adds a level of humility to the work we all do. Thanks for putting this together and every administrator should buy this for their teachers!"—Kyle Silver, middle school teacher and dean, Lowell School, New York City

    "A portable Friday happy hour, faculty lounge pep talk, and wine-glass-next-to-the-papers-to-grade pile. This book gets down in the trenches with us, cargoing laughs, hugs, adrenaline, and everything else that teacher people need."—Ben Marcovitz, founder, Collegiate Academies

    "This tribute knocks it out of the park. This book has come at the perfect time, as we’ve never needed to express our appreciation of and gratitude for our heroic educators more than we do right now. I’m thrilled to have found the perfect gift for every teacher ever. Not only did this book make me laugh out loud (see: “Stop smelling me!” under “Things You Never Thought You’d Say Out Loud”) but it’s also a lovely celebration of the myriad hats our teachers wear each day. It taught me a few things, too. Imagine that!”—Rebecca Fox Starr, author of Mommy Ever After

    "Deliciously and defyingly accurate. Jordan and Jackie absolutely nail the ins and outs of the teaching profession, leaving the reader to wonder if they were in fact a fly on the chalkboard. Current and timely, yet classic! Had me laughing from start to finish and wanting more. A+."—Jessica Downes Stuebner, educational consultant, Philadelphia
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    ISBN: 9780593419403
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    Publisher: TarcherPerigee
    Publication Date: April 12th, 2022
    Pages: 144
    Language: English
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