Empowering the Next Generation (Paperback)

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A Democratic society is the one, where the citizens elect their representatives and give them the power to govern; where the citizens are entitled to their basic rights and efficiently follow their duties and the ideals of liberty, equality, justice and fraternity are given prime importance. Countries throughout the world are realizing and adopting the basic tenets of democracy, the democratic ones are taking steps to protect and preserve the democracy and the non-democratic countries such as Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, have been going through a revolution, so as to adopt a democratic system of governance. With the changes in times and changing needs, the nature of democracy has also undergone a change. With the establishment of large Nation states, democracy has changed from a direct democracy to one which given more emphasis to deliberations. Decisions are based on consensus and public awareness and opinion are vital for decision making. With the growing number of forums for exchange of ideas and values more and more people to a great extent are getting a chance to connect and interact on significant issues central to a democratic society.
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ISBN: 9780251586225
ISBN-10: 0251586227
Publisher: Anjali Patel
Publication Date: March 1st, 2023
Pages: 254
Language: English