Incredible History of the Indian Ocean (Paperback)

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An adaptation of The Ocean of Churn for young readers

When did the first humans arrive in India and how did they get here?
What are Roman artefacts from hundreds of years ago doing in a town near Puducherry?
How did merchants from Arabia end up near Kochi?
From the east coast of Africa to Australia, one big blue body of water has connected diverse peoples and cultures for thousands of years: the incredible Indian Ocean. Read on to learn about the fearless travellers and sailors, pirates and conquerors who set out to cross the ocean in search of gold and glory, and discover how geography can shape the course of history.

About the Author

Sanjeev Sanyal is a prolific writer who writes for adults and children. He has also authored The Incredible History of India's Geography for a younger audience. Sanjeev Sanyal is the principal economic advisor to the Government of India and an internationally acclaimed economist and urban theorist. He writes on topics ranging from economics to history and is the author of the bestselling books Land of the Seven Rivers and The Indian Renaissance. In 2014, he was given the inaugural International Indian Achievers Award for contributions to literature. He has been a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London, visiting scholar at Oxford University, adjunct fellow at Institute of Policy Studies, Singapore and a senior fellow of the World Wide Fund for Nature. Sanjeev attended Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi and St. John's College, Oxford, where he was Rhodes Scholar. He lives in Delhi.
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Publication Date: September 25th, 2020
Pages: 256
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