For Authors

For Authors

UPDATED 10/31/2021

Since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, we have transitioned all of our events to the ZOOM platform.

OUR SELF-PUBLISHED EVENTS PROGRAM IS NOT ACTIVE AT THIS TIME. ON A VERY LIMITED BASIS, WE ARE TAKING SOME LOCAL AUTHORS' BOOKS ON COMMISSION 60/40, BOOKSTORE/AUTHOR.  It is up to the author to publicize that your book is here at the Penguin Bookshop.  We are not responsible for books left at the store.  The best way to earn the support of a local bookstore is to become a loyal customer!  The bookstore/author relationship is a partnership. Thank you for understanding.

The Penguin Bookshop is committed to bringing a diverse array of authors to our community and are proud to have successfully hosted hundreds of authors in the past 90 years.  We pride ourselves on maintaining professional standards for all events, which our customers and our colleagues have come to appreciate. Please keep in mind a few things if you are considering an event at the Penguin Bookshop.  We generally reserve our events program for newly released books only: if you are self-publishing or with a small press, we urge you to think ahead, as we typically book events two to three months in advance of publication date.  We have a robust promotional process for getting the word out about your event, but this does not guarantee an audience. When proposing an event, please give careful consideration to how you intend to promote it and the number of attendees you think you will draw. And, as a courtesy, please let us and other bookstores know when you are attempting to book multiple events around town.

TRADITIONALLY PUBLISHED AUTHORS may contact us directly or through their publicists about setting up an event.   The most efficient way to do this is through email.  You may email Susan (

SELF-PUBLISHED AND INDEPENDENTLY PUBLISHED authors are welcome to contact us via email about doing events, and the Penguin Bookshop will determine if your book is a good fit for our store.  If so, we will agree upon a date for your event, and a $200.00 deposit is required to secure your event date. The Penguin Bookshop Self-Published Event Package includes a 1.5 hour event, staffing, social media and in-store promotion, and inclusion in our newsletter. Authors must bring their own books and the Penguin Bookshop takes a 40% commission of gross sales of your book during the event.  If that 40% equals or is greater than $200.00, your deposit will be returned to you that evening.  If it is less than $200.00, we will cash your check and no commission on sales will be taken.  

Emailing us your information is the most productive way to contact us -- walking into the store with your book in hand is not!  You may email Susan (  

Please provide the following information in addition to the particulars of your book: 

  • Why the event would be successful 
  • Number of family and friends who would attend 
  • Ways you would promote the event 
  • Local publicity you could generate 
  • Whether or not you will be at other stores/venues in this area 

CHLDRENS AUTHORS or those who sponsor child-centered activities (music, etc.) may contact us about hosting Saturday storytimes.


Please note the following restrictions, which are in place to protect both the author and the store:






Once your event is scheduled, here are some tips on how to have a successful event at THE PENGUIN BOOKSHOP, or any bookstore you visit:

Before your event: Start promoting however you can! Encourage your friends, family and other contacts to attend your event. Contact local media and mailing lists to let them know about your event too, and that your books are available at Penguin Bookshop.   You are the most effective promoter and seller of your book and you must commit to promoting it.  The Penguin Bookshop does an excellent job at promoting our events, however, we don't know your people!  Reach out to all of your contacts personally and on social media and let them know about your book and event.

Send out a press release, review copies, and other promotional materials (posters/postcards/fliers), and let newspapers, magazines and radio stations know you are available for interviews. Get involved with the local community, through book clubs, libraries and organizations to extend your outreach and network. The more you reach out to a diverse audience, the more likely you will have interest in your book and event.

Think about your presentation.  First and foremost remember that an author event is just one of the many ways to promote your book just like press releases, reviews, and advertisements help you get your book into the hands of readers. So, you want to consider your presentation carefully and make sure you will grab the audience’s attention.

 Think of your presentation from the perspective of the reader. More than likely, readers want a varied experience where they get a mix of background information about you and your writing, information that is useful and educational, an entertaining presentation and content that is intriguing or inspiring. Reading from your book for more than 6-8 minutes at a time is a sure way to put your audience to sleep. Events should last no more than an hour including time for Q&A.

The Day of Your Event: Arrive 15 minutes early.  Don’t show up too early, as we will be busy setting up and taking care of customers who are already in the store.  Let us know of any special requests of help you might need, such as extra water or a table or area to display materials. Be friendly to all of our staff members, as they are there to assist and guide you.  Promote your book to the audience as available at our store and on our website.

Please be considerate of the opportunity our store is providing by not advertising your book as available through other stores, or websites like Amazon. Thank the audience for attending your presentation, and for their support in purchasing your book. Be gracious to the audience, and also to the store staff who are making this opportunity possible. Penguin Bookshop always appreciates a positive plug for shopping and supporting indie bookstores. Please be understanding if your event has a low turnout, or no one shows up. While we all wish that every event is standing–room only, sometimes, due to unpredictable or varying factors, events just don’t have the attendance hoped for. Even if three people attend, you should give those three attendees your full attention and energy. You never know when one of those people might write a blog post, share your book, or spread the word to a dozen other potential readers. Once your event is over, ask us if we are interested in keeping some signed stock in hand.  If so, be sure to let all your fans know they can purchase a signed copy from us!  

After your event: Send thank you's, and stay in touch with the bookstore!  Being a loyal customer to your local bookstore is a sure way to engender support.  Remember, bookselling is a two-way street!

We truly hope you have a positive experience at Penguin Bookshop. Thank you for being a part of our reading series and choosing our store to promote your book.